HVAC services

Comfort is not just how you feel. It's also who you can trust.


Air Velocity takes Heating and Air Conditioning to a whole new level. Any company can make empty promises but very few Raleigh HVAC companies can design and implement great ideas. We’ve spent over 25 years developing, testing and tweaking the ideas behind Air Velocity so we can provide our customers with time-tested and customer-approved HVAC products, HVAC services and programs. We take great pride in offering better ideas and better ways of doing things to provide quality service, affordable prices and plenty of environmentally-friendly options for you!

In an effort to create a clean and green indoor living environment for you, we go to great lengths to ensure your every need is completely satisfied. We service all brands, makes and models of heating and cooling units.

We also offer a Preventative Maintenance Plan, Duct System Designs, Education on saving money and living green with our Go Green Program as well as excellent service. Serving the Johnston County, Wake County and surrounding areas.


Consultation / installation / Prevention

We will work with you to design the most efficient, energy-saving system for your needs. We install new construction, additions and replacements in commercial buildings or residential homes. After a consultation with you, we will evaluate your heating and cooling needs and make a recommendation as to what will best satisfy your needs to keep you comfortable in your home. Quotes are free with all installation consultations.

If you desire the absolute highest level of indoor comfort available, as well as the best energy savings possible, the Maintenance Program is for you! With two maintenance visits each year, one before the heating season and one before the cooling season, your heating and cooling system will maintain the highest quality and most efficient operation possible. During each visit we will check for, and notify you of, parts and other issues that are at a high risk for failure or could make your system unsafe. Since you’ll have time to fix your high-risk items before they fail, you’ll save time, money and won’t be inconvenienced by a breakdown. Even if we never find any problems with your system, regular maintenance will still save money and energy because it keeps your system running efficiently. The Maintenance Program will keep your home comfortable and give you peace-of-mind.

"As a home and business owner, we have used Air Velocity for all of our locations. They have been prompt, courteous, and extremely helpful. Bill stands behind his work and those who work for him. I use Air Velocity to repair and maintain all of my equipment. I have recommended them to family, friends and neighbors and will continue to do so. Thanks!"

Doris J. - Raleigh, NC

duct systems / redesign

To keep the air in your home clean and safe to breath, we replace and repair old or damaged duct work. Inefficient ductwork can cause excessive dust build-up in your home, dirty walls around your registers and high heating and cooling bills. To offer you the most efficient, energy-saving system we can, we work with you to design a duct system that meets your family’s life style. This makes your home more comfortable to live in and delivers the best air possible to you and your family. If you suffer from allergies or have ever woken up feeling stuffy or sneezing, your air ducts could be to blame. Repairing or replacing your ductwork is just one of the better ideas that makes us a better company – and you a happy customer!

When you choose Air Velocity to design your duct system, you’ll benefit from:

  • Round ducts insulated on the outside of the duct, not the inside. This prevents you from breathing in insulation.
  • Extreme duct seal. You can be sure your ducts won’t leak. This also helps to prevent ducts from spreading dust.
  • Equal comfort levels in each room. You won’t freeze in one room while sweating in another. You can set your thermostat and leave it!
  • Choose Air Velocity to design your duct system.

Do you want your family breathing insulation fibers? How about dust mites? Chances are, your duct system has insulation on the inside of the metal ducts. That insulation collects dust and very likely dust mites. When you breathe, you inhale in the insulation, dust and dust mites. How can this be prevented? Very simply. We use only round pipe for our duct systems, seal it tightly and wrap it on the OUTSIDE with insulation.

Would you rather have your ducts insulated on the inside or the outside?

Manual D
Section 12
Duct System Efficiency
12-1 Aerodynamic Efficiency

If the flow rate and the cross-sectional are held constant, the airodynamic efficiency of the duct depends on its shape. In this regard, round shapes are the most efficient because the friction rate (pressure drop per 100 feet of length) of a round duct will always be less than the friction rate that is associated with any other shape. Square shapes and rectangular shapes can be fairly efficient, but the aerodynamic efficiency decreases as the aspect ratio increases. (Oval shapes will be slighlty more efficient than rectangular shapes that have the same aspect ratio.) The aerodynamic efficiency of a section of duct also depends on the surface roughness aof the airway material. Plastic and sheet metal surfaces are the most efficient that fibrous glass surfaces (duct board and duct liner) and fibrous glass surfaces are more efficient than wire helix surfaces (flex duct).

No matter what your indoor comfort needs are, we will do more than just meet them – we will exceed them, making you more comfortable indoors than you ever dreamed possible.